a1-best-web-hosting-300x200Most people choose web hosting without even having any idea about what type of blog hosting they most need. As a result, they end up with additional features that will be of no use to their blogs while others end up with a blog hosting that is not able to provide all the features that they need. With this in mind, it would be best that blog owners first take a look at all the different types of blog hosting before they find a blog hosting service.

In this article, we would like to help you get to know managed blog hosting better. First of all, what do we mean when we say managed blog hosting? This is actually a type of blog hosting wherein the provider handles the upgrading, installation and customization of blogging codes.

Managed blog hosting is considered by a lot of bloggers due to the fact that with this type of hosting, they do not have to worry about the intricacies of maintaining their blogs with regards to technical matters.  A hosting company like Act Now Domains would be the one in charge to do all of these. Since bloggers already have so much on their plate with the content, design and navigation, having someone to take care of all the other things is already a very big help, right?

Now that you are aware about what managed blog hosting is, let’s take a closer look to what it can provide your blog with. Of course, you can really never know something unless you get to know the good and bad side of the services that it can give. With that in mind, here is a preview of the good and bad side of managed blog hosting.

The Good Side of Managed Blog Hosting

Managed blog hosting is a popular choice for bloggers because of the simple fact that it assists the bloggers in taking care of the technical aspects that come with maintaining the blog. Oh, scratch that. Managed blog hosting takes charge of all the aspects and not only assists. As a result, the blogger is given more time to focus on the design and content of his blog. You can find different types of blogging software that are quite easy to work with. This is, of course, given the fact that you have a good knowledge with computers. On the other hand, people who have limited knowledge of computers may find such blogging software difficult to work with. Because of this, you will be spending too much time configuring the software. You will be wasting your time that was supposed to be for developing your blog’s content. A s we all know, content is king when it comes to internet marketing and the more time you spend on developing it, the better your site will turn out to be.

With managed blog hosting, you will be provided with system administrators that are knowledgeable when it comes to script installation services. Blog security plays a big role in the sucess of your blog and it involves upgrading the blogging software once the latest edition comes up. When you opt for managed blog hosting, this is one thing you do not ahve to think about as your hosting provider will automatically do the updates for you.

The Bad Side of managed Blog Hosting

Like anything else, managed blog hosting also comes with a downside. What is this? The only thing that blog owners do not like about blog hosting is that it is quite costly. The standard rate of managed blog hosting service is about 15-20 dollars per month. This is just the basic package. You may also need to pay extra fees for additional features that you may be needing. The truth is, managed blog hosting is not really costly on its own. You will just notice the price when you compare it to other types of blog hosting.

Static Webpage is a webpage delivered to the user exactly as stored. It is sometimes called a flat page or a stationary page. It displays the same information for all users, from all contexts, subject to modern capabilities of a web-server to provide a content-type of a document where in usually available and is configured to do so.

a1-best-web-hosting-300x200The documents in a static webpage are usually HTML documents stored as files in the file system and made available by the web server over HTTP.

There are several disadvantages when it comes to static webpage.

Interactivity and personalization of the data in static webpage is always restricted and has to run by the client.

To maintain a large number of static pages as files can be impractical without the automated tools.

Static website contains fixed codes; the content of each page does not change unless it is manually updated by a webmaster. For small sites, static website works well but in terms of large sites with hundreds or thousands of pages, it may be really hard. Dynamic website is the best way when it comes to large sites. Static sites use templates if it contains a lot of pages.

There are also some advantages in using a static web page.

Static web page is relatively very easy to create. Many web hosts offers “what you see is what you get” we page editors that allow users to create pages with attractive layouts that can include text and media. There are also some web page creators available for download. If you are skilled using an HTML or using a webpage editor, it is very easy to customize a static web page to your specification.

Of course, it is much cheaper.

Faster loading than dynamic sites.

Cheaper hosting required because they use less bandwidth and server resources.

It is always developer independent. Uses practically common knowledge, and any developer would be able to assist you in terms of maintenance and improvements.

In terms of mobility, a static web is certainly easy to transport in comparison to dynamic page with a linked data base of information. It can be moved from one directory to another directory or one server to another server just by moving the files in a folder. It can also be moved to a new web server platform easily without needing to convert a dynamic database to another format.

blog-womanWhat is a Dynamic Website?

These are websites containing web pages that are generated in real-time. These web pages are composed of codes (web scripting code) such as PHP or ASP (hypertext pre-processors). If these dynamic pages are accessed, the code in the page is parsed in the web server HTML to be sent to a client’s web browser.

Most of the latest and newest websites are dynamic, since they are much easier to maintain than those of static websites (flat page or stationary page) – usually should be manually opened, edited and published whenever changes are made.  On the other hand, dynamic pages access information from a certain data base. That means that in order to change the data or the content of a dynamic page, the web master may only need to update the database record. This is very helpful to those large sites that usually contain hundreds and thousands of pages. It also changes contents of the site without changing or editing the layout of the site.

Here are some of the advantages of dynamic website:

In updating the content or the data, the users don’tneed a specific IT knowledge. It can be done at home. No risk of dependence to a web master.

Dynamic websites are scalable. They allow unlimited capabilities in terms of interactivity such as for newsletters, calendars, online payments, forums etc.

In terms of cost, dynamic site is always more expensive than statics. However, the updates are performed within the company which gives a quick taking of the precedence over the basic investments.

Dynamic Website is always the ideal solution for companies who are providing large variety of products and services. Even in terms of the tools and options available, dynamic website offers unlimited opportunities for development, which are preferably tailored to the needs of the business. The update in-house allows the owner to have a complete control and instantaneous evolution of the site.

The classic way of using a dynamic website is sharing numerous numbers of news, events or product to the world and updating you without having any payment for updates.

Using an e-commerce site which dynamic website always have, you can have an update for your products and take orders dynamically.

if it is hard for you to use excel spreadsheet which allows you to capture and store information or either store things in an offline database or spreadsheet, it would be much easier for staff and customers if you consider stream lining and updating this process, they may also be able to view the contents and information by doing this.

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